Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raymond John Schneider — Dad

Ray's first ship was USS DETROIT, which was at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. DETROIT subsequently transported the Philippine Government's gold and silver monetary reserve, which had been removed from Corregidor by submarine, from Honolulu to San Francisco. Detached from DETROIT in December, 1942, he went to flight training. Designated Naval Aviator in 1943, he was ordered to NAS Melbourne, where he completed fighter training and carrier qualification, and later served as an Assistant Instructor in fighters. In 1944, he was a student in aeronautical engineering (armament) at the Naval PG School, Annapolis. Ordered to MIT, he received the degree of Master of Science (aeronautical engineering) in August, 1946. Ray next went to BuAer, in the Armament Division. In 1947, he was designated AEDO, and in 1949 he reported to the Naval Air Development Center, Johnsville, PA, and in 1952 became BuAer Rep, Cleveland. Returning to BuAer in 1955, he served in the Armament and Avionics Divisions. After attending the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in 1960, he returned to Johnsville as Director of the Aeronautical Electronic and Electrical Laboratory. From 1964 to 1965, he was BuWeps Rep at Westinghouse, Baltimore, after which he served as Missile Development Officer in BuWeps. In May, 1966, he assumed duty as Executive Director and Acting Assistant Commander for Research and Technology, NAVAIR. In 1968, after being promoted to Rear Admiral, he was assigned as Assistant Commander for Research and Technology in NAVAIR. In 1971, Ray became Vice Commander of NAVELEX, and in 1972, he became the Commander, where he served until retirement, June 30, 1975.

In 1968, he was awarded the Legion of Merit for the development of research and technology management in NAVAIR. He received a second Legion of Merit in 1972, for weapon systems advances, a new air- to-air weapon system for joint service use, and other technological innovations. He received a third Legion of Merit upon retirement, presented by classmate Admiral Mike Michaelis.

Ray died on July 5, 1985, and is buried in the Naval Academy Cemetery. He and his wife, the former Margaret Grace Croke of Lakewood, OH, had ten children, Raymond John, Jr., Thomas Edward, Jeanne Marie, Mary Ann, Margaret Grace, Carol Louise, Susan Joyce, John Michael, Laura Ellen, and Robert Lawrence. As of 1989, there were 33 grandchildren. Margaret continues to live in Elkridge, MD.

Ray was an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; a Trustee of the Naval Historical Foundation; a member of the U.S. Naval Institute; Army Navy Club, Washington, DC; Pearl Harbor Survivors Association; the National Rifle Association; American Radio Relay League; and The Quarter Century Wireless Association. He was also a Registered Professional Engineer in Washington, DC.
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