Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dark GDK Tutorials

Dark GDK Intro and Promo

Getting Started with Dark GDK Installation

Dark GDK Tutorial #2

Dark GDK Terrains

Demo Self-made Counterstrike in Dark GDK

Dark GDK Tutorial Texture a Box

Dark GDK Tutorial Multiple Objects

Dark GDK 2D Sprites

Game Physics a DBPro App Transitioned to Dark GDK

Checkersgame in Dark GDK

Dark Voices

Newtonian Physics in Dark GDK a Demo with Music

An attempt of making a space sim in VC++ with DarkGDK, planet Earth and Moon made at a realistic scale 1:1, you nav your camera with mouselook and changing speed with keys 1-7. I wanted to replicate a well known space sim (most realistic one named Orbiter). Earth made at its realistic scale, really gives you a perspective on how its like to 'fly' around it with different speeds.(Newton laws,collision detection are not implemented yet, also the position of the moon may not be correct one, i'm not an astrologist). Enjoy the music  and waiting for comments. You can download the application here http://rapidshare.com/files/186777567/space_sim.rar

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wana7262 said...

do u have Dark Ai???/ can u give the link??

wana7262 said...

do u have Dark Ai???/ can u give the link??