Monday, June 22, 2009

Using and Losing: Phoney Marriage in America

Too bad really. It looks like all sorts of excuses for failing to rise to the challenge of family have torpedoed Jon and Kate. I think they both are being selfish and kids will pay the price. They both look like they are not focusing on what would help but only themselves and their own hurts. That is not sacrificial love. It isn't love at all. "Love is a Decision" was another of those Marriage Encounter mantras. It's a decision when you rise above your own hurt feelings and your own personal sense of outrage and decide to reach out and be healing in the presence of your own hurts... "I have to do what's best for me and for my kids" said Jon. They're both using the kids as an excuse not to reach out to each other. Sad, predictable and not at all heroic, and not love. Too bad. Now for a season of hypocrisy pictured as heroic endurance. Save me from such television and such a culture.

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