Friday, July 16, 2010

Classroom of the Future

SEE HERE This is a piece that came into my mailbox in today's mail updates. One of my Focus Projects is The Classroom of the Future. The objective or vision, is the envisioning of the classroom of the future, what will be the ultimate classroom of the future? How will it work? What has to happen to move us from where we are to where it is in the future? I don't know the answers ... in fact that is what Focus Projects are all about, finding answers to vision oriented problems where the answer or even the path to the answer may not be particularly obvious.

Here's a LINK to the little presentation I gave on Focus Projects this past semester.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment, however to proceed further one must assess the needs and aspirations of the surrounding constituents. I think also that technology will go that one step further than what you already exploring. Interactive, 3D, Halogram, virtual, and avatar figures will also come into the classroom picture in the coming years.