Sunday, November 23, 2008

Serious Change did you say?

The election euphoria continues as the economic meltdown theatrics thunder on. Now we have the big three automakers flying into Washington in their private, corporate sponsored jets with their hands out. "Too big to fail" we keep hearing. You might want to tell that to the Roman Empire. There is no such thing as too big to fail. The big question is fail now or fail later after they've sucked the tax payer dry and there are no more options.

It is not written on the book of life that if you are in business you must succeed. It doesn't have an exception for size. The market punishes wastefulness whether it is the plundering of the company by unions or by management. The U.S. automakers have been fumbling around for quite a few years making poorer quality cars than the Japanese, the Germans, and now even the South Koreans. Cozying up to Congress is not going to suddenly make them better automobile manufacturers.

The gubbment needs to get out of business. What is the change we've signed up for? Increasingly it looks like a fast track to national socialism as we fund a free enterprise melt down (probably induced by government in the first place) with exasperatingly irresponsible bailouts without a trace of real accountability. This isn't a recipe for solving the problems. It is a fast track to turning an economic glitch into a long term track back to feudalism. Here you are serfs, pick up your gubbment check and don't make any waves or we'll turn you into a non-person.

The talking heads in the media have been particularly mindless of late. That is what happens when you can no longer tell the difference between truth, spin, and rank propaganda. It's all a crock. Time to tune-out and get back to something productive like actually thinking.

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