Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well the fat lady has sung and we have kicked the can for hope and change. What has interested me so far is the artificial euphoria of the media, even some of the more even handed media. The long and short of it is that the most liberal senator in the U.S. senate, a man with essentially no credentials, a man who ran on a platform empty of substance who has a record of consorting with radicals and people who hate America is now the president with a majority in both houses of congress.

Did you notice that gun sales have skyrocketed. The market tanked for two days after the election. Those are not signs of great confidence in the wisdom of the American electorate. If you search for precedents for this election the ones that come to mind are the election of FDR, the election of Johnson in 1964, and perhaps the election of Jimmy Carter after Gerald Ford went back on his promise not to run. The first two ushered in spectacular growth in government. The last destroyed the retirement savings of millions and left the nation with double digit inflation, huge unemployment and blamed it all on the people. Hold on, we're in for a horrific ride.

One ought to remember that government doesn't produce anything. It doesn't produce jobs. It doesn't produce wealth. What it is supposed to do is defend you from enemies from within and without. Often, as in the three examples above, it proves to be more the problem than the solution.

Watch closely as the new administration tries to figure out what it is all about. It will be interesting to watch how they try to fill in the blanks and right now it is all blanks. I think that vacuity will show up shortly and we will see that the promised change is just more of the same old lame ideas which have failed and failed and failed. We'll get to pay the price all over again. Carter has returned.

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