Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Don't We Have Enough to Worry About?

I'm really amazed how emotional the "global warming" issue seems to be. I was just exchanging a series of emails with a troll named 'Q' on my sister Mary's blog. The usual propaganda was being exchanged. There is little doubt that there is some global warming on average. After all the ice from the last ice age is still melting. What is less understandable is why anyone thinks we, i.e. mankind, has anything to do with it. It's true that we burn a lot of fossil fuels, but the human contribution to CO2 is nominally 3% of what is a very small amount to begin with.

But that I have to mention that is already misleading because it has not been established that CO2 drives climate. It's about 380 parts per million in the atmosphere. The ice core data shows that warming precedes increases in CO2, not the other way around. One theory is that increased heat releases CO2 dissolved in the oceans.

The tree ring data shows that the current warming is not out of line with warming in the past long before there were humans burning large amounts of fossil fuels. Even the local temperature data going back to around the 1850s precedes the build up in fossil fuel usage but the temperature build up (slope) before and after the increases in fossil fuel usage did not change slope.

Finally, the global warming alarmists have used fallacious data and when this was discovered they did not correct it. That's quite disturbing since it shows that they are more interested in their social agenda than in the truth. There are too many Chicken Littles in the world sounding the alarm about all manner of things, most of which are at least exaggerated and often enough total fabrications.

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