Thursday, December 4, 2008

No End In Sight

Down the Drain

The parade of whiners continues ... banks ... auto executives ... anyone that is big and irresponsible is crawling to congress for a fix. Since when is it a government function to throw money at whiners? Did I miss that part of the constitution? Oh I know, it's the line that says "Steal from responsible citizens to bail out irresponsible citizens ..." that must be it.

The song currently being sung is that bail outs are cheaper than collapse. Why should that be true? If you give money to irresponsible idiots they will throw it away and then collapse. Just look at congress as the foremost example. Besides where does all this money come from? Someone has to actually work to make it so that government can waste it. But government can waste it faster than it can be created. In that direction lies not depression but dissolution.

We will be on the road to social disintegration if we continue down this path. You can't save yourself by irresponsible support for irresponsibility. But with enough idiots reciting the mantra we have a bunch of Democrats moving that way. The sucking sound you hear is the country going down the drain and as we get closer the churn gets faster.

The only advantage I currently have is that I'm not in debt, but that just means that the gubbment will come and steal what little I have left. I think it may be time to go back to that old American custom of paying in cash.

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