Monday, March 30, 2009

The Beginning of the End ...

So now the gubment is taking over the automakers. Yup, that'll work all right! Where exactly is that in the constitution? This growing intrusion on the private sector that goes beyond all precedent and is just invented as they go along is already the beginning of the end. Where are the checks and balances when we need them?

Why does anyone think the government knows what it is doing? Bad businesses need to die and then perhaps something will rise from the ashes. The automakers have been raped for years by big labor as they make less and less appealing cars on the whole as witness the economic problems they have. What is the government doing that will improve anything? Prolonging the pain at great expense will only make the final collapse worse. Shoring up failure by robbing the taxpayer is not a way forward, but a recipe for economic collapse. The people who will pay the highest price are those on fixed incomes as the dollar inflates away their hard earned savings. It will likely make the Carter administration look like statesmanship, a towering, if distressing, achievement.

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