Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Return to Sizzle ...

OK OK I know that Spitzenpopper has been really political and I didn't start it with that in mind so I apologize. It's supposed to be about neat ideas that pop up and get you thinking and not all about politics all the time. So I need a place to talk about politics since I'm keyboard addicted ... and I created one where the political stuff will go.

Chesterton and Shaw were once guests on a BBC show. When told they could discuss anything they wished except religion and politics both walked out. They contended that there was nothing else worth talking about.

Obviously that is a bit of hyperbole ... but among the most important things to talk about are Religion and Politics. Religions is about ultimate ends, and Politics is about the material ends of man in society. There can hardly be two more important things. So I've created a special blog to conduct the political stuff called Political Brambles with Brer Rabbit as its mascot. Come and visit and comment if you like.

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