Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sour Grapes from the Old Guard

It's interesting that all the commentators, even the conservative ones, seem a bit uncomfortable with the Palin choice. The "open mike" gaffe of Murphy and Noonan seems telling enough. It's almost as if they think that they are in charge of picking the candidates.

One of the great elements of the Palin pick is that it isn't the "Old Guard" those who have the ideas of the past and often have frankly screwed up. Both Palin and McCain wear their monikers well and we can expect a ticket like that to shake up business as usual in Washington, and isn't it about time.

Barack Obama is not a new face, only a young face on the old Chicago politics and adding Joe Biden to the mix doesn't do a thing to improve the ticket expect to answer the experience shortfall. Guiliani last night made a lot of penetrating points that need to be reiterated. This ticket, win or lose, is about principles. If there is something both parties need, it is a return to a principled way of doing politics. We've had enough of the old guard, and the sour grapes is just a bit, well sour.

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