Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Swift Boating McCain

The Democrats, who generally have not a clue when it comes to the military, are now trying to "Swift-Boat" McCain. The problem they will discover is that McCain is the real deal while John Kerry was a phony. That's a big difference.
Kerry volunteered for the job he originally had to evade combat. He served in theater for only a few months and had cameras follow him around to pretend he was some kind of Rambo. He put himself in for purple hearts for wounds that you could treat with a bandaid.
John McCain flew 23 missions in his A-4. Was shot down and took grievous wounds which were nearly fatal. Languished as a POW and turned down release ahead of more senior men. One man is a hero, the other is a fake. Go ahead Democrats, see how much more ridiculous you can make yourselves look!

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Anonymous said...

And McCain turned down the offer of early release to preserve the honour of his country and to preserve the rights of his fellow POWs even though he knew that unspeakable torture and perhaps death would follow.

It is the tragedy of our trivial age, the age of Hooper, that this immense act of self-sacrifice does not receive the honour and appreciation it deserves.