Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who's the Biggest Liar

There is something surreal about Presidential campaigns. It is almost as if the minds of all concerned are turned to mush when the campaign begins, or as if there is an unwritten but mandatory rule that reason be jettisoned when the campaign is underway.
For some days now I've watched both sides of this campaign pointing fingers and saying that the other side is taking the low road and lying about them. The Democrats have been attacking Palin viciously and seeking to find something, anything, to make her out a hypocrite. Now they are attacking John McCain for of all things his inability to use computers, never mind that his fingers don't work very well due to his war injuries.
On the Republican side there is not much less vitriol as they trot out the Rev. Wright for the zillionth time or other of Obama's less than sterling connections with doubtful radicals, corrupt politicians, and crooks.
One does have to ask finally if this has much to do with being the President of the United States? Is there a point where substantive issues are discussed or are we to always have a shrill screaming match characterizing the National Election Process. It just doesn't seem very mature or grown up. Perhaps politics is simply doomed to this kind of thing. One would hope for more.

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