Monday, October 27, 2008

Trust and Integrity? Is there any left?

I suppose in view of rule number 1 you might expect that I think highly of Republicans. Rule No. 1 you might remember is: "Democrats are Liars." Rule number 2 is like it: 2) Republicans lie a lot too but often about different things. So we might be able to apply Occam's law of parsimony and combine rule one and rule two as: Politicians are liars.
What ever happened to honor and integrity? You know what I mean don't you? Keeping your word? Telling the truth? Paying your debts? Not taking out loans you know over extend you?
Now in the presence of the financial melt down in which the gubbmint which largely caused the problem is posturing that they are the solution (save me from this medicine) is asking us to trust that they will fix the problem. I find myself waiting for the other foot to fall.
It is sobering to realize that our entire economy and monetary system is built on a foundation of trust. Without trust that people will pay their bills, honor their debts, and keep their promises the whole fabric of our economic society begins to unravel. This is no surprise. It's not news. In fact one has to wonder if encouraging irresponsibility as the Democrats have done for quite a long time doesn't have a component of intentionality focused on destabilization so that gubbment can ride to the rescue. We may be in for an interesting ride. Ignore the man behind the curtain said the great Oz. I think we better start paying more attention than we do now before the whole country goes down the drain.

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