Friday, August 8, 2008

Humor versus Mockery

Well CNN needs to get a sense of humor. Apparently they think McCain's ad campaign is mockery while another view might be that it is just a humorous way of pointing out a few salient facts about his opponent. For example he really doesn't have any experience to be president and he really is running a campaign based on celebrity. While he's at it McCain trotted out an ad yesterday that showed Democrats endorsing him. That was a riot, of course the videos are taken out of context. Still it shows how opportunistic politics often is, and it's a hoot. See it HERE

Shouldn't a presidential candidate have a sense of humor? I think it has been done with good humor. But then I've never noticed that Democrats have much of a sense of humor. The problem with the left is often that they take things too seriously, especially themselves. For the CNN piece Click Here

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