Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Who is spying on who?

Today's newspaper reported on a story from the Associated Press wire out of Philadelphia that an anti-gun group is concerned that a long time member of their board may be a National Rifle Association "paid spy." The whole story which ran to probably 40 column inches failed to have much of substance in it. The paranoia was delicious however.
One wonders what such a group would be hiding that a spy would be required. The article itself was full of cloak and dagger imagery. The alleged spy, Mary Lou McFate (what a name!) was a "former flight attendant and sex counselor" (can't you just smell James Bond) who "infiltrated an animal-rights group" (what does this have to do with gun control?). She "resurfaced" in Pennsylvania. Then there was much speculation about whether any of the alleged activities of McFate were illegal (of course this is without ever specifying any activities) She has served for over a decade (can you really imagine the NRA paying someone to spy on some anti-gun group for ten years? they clearly have a high opinion of themselves).
Well I got a hoot out of it!

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