Monday, August 25, 2008


Apparently Madonna dissed McCain the other day in a presentation that put pictures of John McCain, an authentic American hero, up with pictures of Hitler and Mugabe while featuring Barack Obama with pictures of Mahatma Ghandi, Al Gore, and John Lennon shown while she sang "Get Stupid."
McCain for his part got the endorsement of another entertainer, Latin American singer Daddy Yankee (aka Ramon Ayala).
I suppose the big question is "Who cares?"
"Get Stupid" is probably exactly what you are doing if you are taking your political advice from popular singers, especially ones whose creativity is as shallow and frankly offensive as Madonna who specializes in offending people. She's getting pretty long in the tooth too. She'll have to come out with a cane pretty soon to climb up on her cross.
I suppose the best that can be said for this is that McCain has a sense of humor and reacts to this kind of thing in the manner it deserves — Good Cheer in replying in kind. Let the other fellows "Get Stupid."

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