Monday, January 5, 2009


"Slimeballs" is a term I don't use lightly. I suppose the source of the image is what happens to something as it rots on the surface and gets kind of gooey and icky. The metaphor applies to people who are thoroughly rotten. What disturbs me is that the vast majority of the slimeballs that I've encountered have been Democrats, rather extreme Democrats to be sure and I'm sure we have some of the same kind of folks lurking at the corners of the Republican party too, but they don't seem quite as visible.
So what is this all about? There's an internet site of admirers of Sarah Palin called Team Sarah. I joined because I like Sarah Palin. She is one classy lady with guts. Here's the strategy of the slimeballs as reported by Bill Collier

TeamSarah has compiled over 15 pages of evidence on file from this conspiracy. Thank you to the extremist liberals who have provided fresh evidence as to what really is going on: that they send in “clones” (false identities) to say and do things that we do not tolerate, and, in the short time it takes us to find and eliminate these posts take a screen shot of them, and then post about it in poorly managed liberal websites, ones that have abandoned all journalistic standards, from which it gets echoes throughout the liberal blogosphere as if true.

Check it out for yourself as ask yourself how often this is the real reason that Republicans get a bad rap? I'd say more often than not. We're not all good guys, but the slimeball density is much lower over here.

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