Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reality Check: The Countdown Begins

The Democrats, ever the subtle ones dontchaknow, have been peddling a sticker that reads

The End of an Error

, and not to be outdone the Republicans have come up with the counter

The Beginning of an Error

. Well "Which is it?" — arguably Bush has made some errors, but he's also done well on the whole, despite the constant carping of a hostile press and an even more hostile liberal left which voted for the war then against the war and then undermined all efforts to win the war and to add insult to injury then blamed Bush for what they had largely created, an atmosphere of lack of confidence and support. I'm not very optimistic. The last people in the world that I expect good fiscal policy from are the Democrats and the Republicans have not been much better in recent years.

The problem is that you have to earn what you get. It isn't given to you by the government or by fate but by good old honest hard work. If there is one thing that Americans have been declining in it is a good work ethic. It's time to remember a bygone era when Americans were noted for innovation, for ingenuity, and yes, for hard work.

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