Friday, January 30, 2009

Stimulus? or Just Wastefulness?

A billion here, a billion there, throwing billions everywhere, the $819 billion stimulus package resembles nothing more than a swindle. This is the pork barrel to end all pork barrels. It doesn't stimulate anything because the vast majority of it is previously rejected pork that is passing now under the claim that we have to spend our way to prosperity.

Let's see ... If I'm in big financial trouble, that's what I want to do, go to the mall and charge my credit card to the limit. This kind of "solution" has never worked in the past. It only makes the problem worse and saddles future generations with debt.

These strategies point up the total mindless, visionless, doctrinaire character of the newly elected majority. It may be entertaining for a while watching them spin like dervishes but it will cost us all in the end.

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