Friday, January 30, 2009

La La Land

Posted today, Charles Krauthammer in a column in IBD makes the undeniable point that Barack Obama is operating in his own contrived and deluded pseudo-reality. There is something totally bizarre about reading Kruathammer's editorial in Investor's Business Daily column which details the sacrifices Americans have made for Islamic peoples and the tolerance we have shown in the face of their intolerance.

The president doesn't get it I guess. He, like many liberals, thinks that when people are mad at us it must be our fault. Krauthammer points out how much of reality that view, totally uninformed by real events, simply ignores. If Obama's posture is the kind of distorted response to reality we can expect, then the next four years are going to be a very strange ride indeed.

Our new president shows very little grasp of history, philosophy, morality or much of anything else. So far he's done nothing that gives me much confidence that he's more than a good looking suit with a resonant voice making a good impression when well scripted. I keep waiting to find out who is pulling his strings. Frankly he doesn't come across to me as his own man. No-one can be as successful as he has been and simultaneously as clueless. He must be a shell or is that shill?

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

There has been some speculation that Bill Ayers wrote his books with some pretty strong arguments based on style, metaphors, etc. I certainly think the men behind the curtain are American-hating leftists. That's why we have to change everything -- because America is bad-bad-bad. Well, I certainly disagree with some of our policies, but I can't imagine living anywhere else is going to be better. Any suggestions?