Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Advantage: Principles, Disadvantage: Lack of Courage

Thomas Sowell's editorial yesterday which I cited concluded with this telling passage about Principles:

Too many Republicans seem to think that being "inclusive" means selling out your principles to try to attract votes. It never seems to occur to them that you can attract a wider range of voters by explaining your principles in a way that more people understand.

That is precisely what Reagan did and what Gingrich did in 1994. Most Americans' principles are closer to those of the Republicans than to those of the Democrats.

It is the only advantage the Republicans have. The Democrats have the media, the unions, the environmental extremists and the tort lawyers on their side. Why should Republicans throw away their one advantage by becoming imitation Democrats?

Joseph Sobran calls the Republicans "the stupid party" because while they have the right principles, at least better than the Democrats, they are forever showing the lack of courage of their convictions. They too have the "win at any price" syndrome which typifies either lack of principle or lack of courage. Most often I think it is the latter.

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