Sunday, February 1, 2009

The World of the Clueless

Sometimes it is downright 'pathetic' as well as hilariously funny how clueless the new president can be. He probably needs a keeper now that he can pop off whenever he wants. Amir Taheri concluded his column in The New York Post titled PATHETIC 'MESSAGE'—OBAMA'S ODD ISLAMIC OUTREACH with:
"CASTING himself in the role of a "bridge" and dreaming of a return to an illusionary past, Obama appeared unsure of his own identity and confused about the role that America should play in global politics. And that is bad news for those who believe that the United States should use its moral, economic and political clout in support of democratic forces throughout the world."

Our new president on Al-Arabiya TV presented a view of the past that was simply imaginary. In short order Iran, in effect demanded that the U.S. withdraw from the Middle East leaving Israel at the mercy of those who would destroy her. I don't think the president is ready to play hard ball; he's probably not ready for little league.

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