Monday, February 2, 2009

Politicians are just nuts!

If you want to find the source of total cluelessness, just go to Washington. It seems to be an illness that is contageous since if you send a representative to Washington they tend to catch it after a while regardless of the political party. Occasionally there are rare moments of lucidity as when the Republicans united against the so-called stimulous package. But the romance of government with failed economic policies continues unabated. See Thomas Sowell's column today.

Did these people ever take any economics? Oh yeah, I forgot, they're all lawyers. That might explain it. We seem poised to revisit depression era economics all over again. The New Deal didn't work! Let me repeat that. The programs much heralded by the left in the New Deal didn't work. The lessons of history suggest instead that they delayed economic recovery by a decade at least. If we work it right we can learn that all over again. Help!! The lunatics are running the asylum.

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