Friday, February 27, 2009

Blunders on the Cheap

Human Events has done us all a favor by summarizing the top ten blunders that the Obama Administration has made in just the first month. I don't know if that is an all time record for rate of blunders, but if it isn't it is sure close.

The overwhelming impression is of an amateurish petulant child in a big hurry when what we need is something like careful thought and analysis. Obama seems to take relatively little counsel and none from those who don't already agree with him. The stimulus package looks like nothing but a debacle. His appointees are certainly not "change" — more like more of the same 'ole same 'ole. The policies are regurgitated New Deal which if they work as well as they did the first time will tank the economy and keep it tanked for a long long time. What we are not getting and what it increasingly is looking like we won't get is anything that plows any new ground. The change is all backward looking and a fast-track to extreme socialism. It hasn't worked in the past and nothing has changed. Check out Einstein's quote from the post two back. I think it applies.

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