Sunday, October 19, 2008

ACORN Nonsense

Well there is the usual firestorm going on as irregularities are being uncovered. Try to imagine the outrage the Democrats would be expressing if ACORN were a Republican organization. The outrage would be nuclear, the screams of Nazis (well they are rampant no matter what, the N-word is the Democratic Liberal Apparatchiks default word for a Republican) would be deafening. Now the ACORN business is about fraudulent voter registration. Many ACORN operatives have had people register numerous times. The record seems to be about 72 for a 19 year old that's made the TV news several times as the poster boy for this activity.
The Democrats scream exaggeration or worse because the election hasn't happened yet so it can't be voter fraud. Well excuse the vocabulary. That's short for voter registration fraud which is rather obviously something that is step one in a well known Democratic two step or three step which leads to, guess what, voter fraud. Step 1) register a lot of fraudulent voters, Step 2) see how many can get away with voting multiple times on election day, Step 3) if you fail to steal the election scream that the nasty Republicans were trying to deny your voters the opportunity to vote (i.e. they were actually watching the polls and checking voter id and stuff like that).
We've seen this play out in the last two elections and the allegations of voter fraud go back far earlier, at least in my memory to the 1960 Nixon/Kennedy race which was won narrowly by Kennedy on the strength of vote fraud in Illinois and Texas according to some analysts. Nixon was advised to register a protest and call for a recount and decided not to for the good of the nation. That of course was like waving a "give me more" flag to the Democrats and they've been happy little cemetery registerers ever since.

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