Saturday, October 18, 2008

Addiction ...

I've been astounded by this current election cycle. The dimensions of my exasperation began with the fact that Obama even being in the race was astounding. A freshman senator seemed a totally incongruous candidate. Indeed, generally senators are not terribly good candidates if for no other reason than they have no executive experience. But then he actually won the Democratic nomination. That was astounding squared. It meant that the Democrats were completely nuts. But it continued, and astounding cubed was the pass Obama gets from the media. They called Reagan the teflon president, well Obama is clearly the teflon candidate. But why is that? Why does the media give him a pass on everything? No very relevant experience, a litany of acquaintances that reads like a who's who of America haters, not achievements except a few personal ones, Harvard Law and two books on his life from someone too young to be writing two books about his life. This is just wierd! Are we addicted to hope and change but without substance? Where's the beef? was a commercial too many years ago to remember, but the question is still relevant.

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