Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Strangest Election In My Life

My life began at conception in Hawaii in 1941 where my dad was stationed on U.S.S. Detroit, a light cruiser in the harbor at Pearl Harbor. After I was conceived but before I was born my life was disrupted by the Japanese attack. My mom was evacuated to the mainland under the guns of my dad's cruiser which was one of the escort vessels that took the passenger ships with the women and children back to the mainland.
But it wasn't until the election of Dwight David Eisenhower in 1952 when I was ten that I was politically aware enough to notice politics. I followed that election with some interest, but the first time I could actually vote was the election of 1960 when Nixon squared off against Kennedy. I voted for Nixon and it has always been my conviction that Nixon won, or at least would have won had there not been so much voter fraud in Texas and Chicago. That was my introduction to the idea that elections were not fair.
In the 1964 Goldwater-Johnson race I was exposed to the politics of fear as the left characterized Goldwater as a madman. The labor unions were spreading around nasty little comic books that portrayed Goldwater as a Nazi carrying nuclear weapons and the Democrats had an ad that portrayed a nuclear explosion. This exposed me to one of the standard Democratic tactics, the demonization of their opponents with lies, distortions, innuendo, fabrications, and dirty tricks of all kinds.
Nixon managed to get elected and there was the Watergate fiasco, but all through the period we had the looney far left working for the Chinese Communists, whether knowingly or not, to defeat American interests in Indochina. They were successful and in a despicable show of cowardice refused to support our ally when after negotiating a peace treaty the North Vietnamese blatantly violated it and invaded the country. We (well mainly the Democrats) cut off even military support to our ally. That was when I realized that Democrats were congenitally despicable, dishonorable, and not to be trusted. Perhaps it was for that reason that the Nixon White House had a seige mentality and some of the staff engaged in the Watergate fiasco which brought down Nixon with a lot of help from a hostile and leftist press.
That was followed by Ford who was a care-taker president who violated his promise not to run after his term was up and ran anyway. We might have avoided Jimmy Carter and had Ronald Reagan four years earlier were it not for Ford. Jimmy Carter won and was simply the worst president in my lifetime and perhaps of all time. He's a hypocrite, claiming to be a Christian but actually being something of a leftist nincompoop. He destabilized the middle East by abandoning the Shah of Iran whose regime had been single handedly moderating extremist Islam — but Carter wasn't very smart and so began the rise of Islamic terrorism. Thanks Jimmy, you idiot!
Reagan's presidency came just in time and it's interesting that the hostages were released the day of his inauguration The Iranians knew that Reagan was not to be fooled with. Of course the Democrats and the leftist press spent the entire eight years running their mouths about how stupid he was and how nothing stuck (of course the ones throwing the mud should know). The "teflon" president as he was called, was effective because he was principled and his policies contributed to the decline and fall of the Soviet Union.
Bush the elder ran and won on Reagan's coat tails but he promised "No new taxes" and welshed, thinking he could make a deal with the Democrats (reaching across the aisle dontchknow) and no sooner was the tax increase sealed and the Democrats were reneaging on all their promises. Remember the principle: They are liars. They are not to be trusted.
So Bush got slammed and we got Bill Clinton whose mind rarely rises above his fly. His wife is a model of control freak and sought to socialize medicine while he mostly neglected his responsibilties while the Republican congress gave him a presidency with a good economic record.
The Bush the younger who has actually done a pretty good job except that he got us into this unpopular war (What war is popular?) and with the help of the usual crew has been demonized just as Johnson was demonized except he was demonized by his own people. Same strategy, same cast mostly, older but with the same ideology — America haters.
That brings us to the current election. We have a smooth talker who's never really done anything promising hope and change and an authentic American patriot who has always fought, perhaps not alway wisely, on principle and who has selected a woman governor who has been a fighter against special interests for his running mate. This should be a no-brainer. But you have to take into account that the media has decided that they are the ones that ought to make the choice for president and they have spun and spun and spun. If bias in the media was something that you ever doubted, doubt no more! This is the strangest election of my life and I've been through quite a few. The one very stable principle that has remained true through them all is: You can't trust Democrats. They are liars. Those that are stupid enough to take them at their word like the elder Bush will have their heads handed to them. The first principle is that they are liars. If you ever have a decision to make, refer again to the first principle.

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