Saturday, October 4, 2008

Obama and the Mystery of His Appeal

The drumbeat of media bias is pervasive and dangerous to a free society. Barack Obama's many connections to people of far left and terrorist pasts is so pervasive as to suggest a fellow traveler. By contrast the Republican ticket is as American as apple pie, a war hero maverick and crusading state governor who has fought the entrenched good-old boys of her own party.
Both should receive scrutiny of course, but what we see is uncritical glorification of a freshman senator with no experience of any significant kind, simply none, contrasted with impassioned crusades to smear the war hero and the governor. Just what is going on here? It smacks more of Pravda or the Nazi propaganda machine than of a free, unfettered, and critical press. Criticism is a one way street in this campaign except for the internet. Meanwhile Obama gets a pass whether it's failing to honor the flag or speaking out of both sides of his mouth depending on his audience. His disdain for ordinary working class Americans was made evident when he was addressing the hollywood elites. The media that covers up for Obama savages Sarah Palin. It's a strange scenario and gets stranger by the minute.


Anonymous said...

The bitter irony is that everyone is blaming this crisis on deregulation when in fact, the complete opposite is the case. It bears repeating that it was policies by Carter, bolstered by Clinton, unrepudiated by the Democrats when they had the chance in 2005 that gave community organisers like, uh, I've forgotten his name, power to force banks to issue these sub-prime mortgages. The solution to a crisis of this kind is not elect someone whose Marxist practices and inclinations are at the root of this problem.

Ray Schneider said...

You're preaching to the choir of course. The word can't get out if the news media is in Obama's pocket and attacks and denigrates the messengers.