Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another Debate and the same old same old ...

The notion that debate is an adequate or even helpful way to decide who to vote for seems strange to me the more debates I watch. The prepared talking points, the litanies of you voted for this or you voted for that, finger pointing and second guessing. Somehow it seem to miss the point.
I want more to know what the core values of the candidate are not whether they are polished speakers or employ the best debate trainers or whatever else factors into the process.
Tonight John McCain and Barack Obama squared off again. I don't think I learned anything I didn't know from the last debate. Frankly I don't trust Obama. I have a lot of reasons for that: 1) his lack of experience, 2) his sheer glibness, 3) his past associations with a string of, well lunatics. I'm not a big fan of Senator McCain, but I do think he has a much clearer record of sticking to his principles and he's a patriot. I still don't know who Obama is. His record is of evading reponsibility and talking his way past things. Voting "present" doesn't give me much confidence. He has exactly no legislation associated with his name. What is even a single good reason to trust him? He's the most liberal Senator in the Senate. You don't have to know anything more than that to know what kind of president he will be. More government, more taxes and no end in sight is where it goes. We ought not to go there.

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