Monday, October 13, 2008

Teetering on the Brink

I've been having an extended email exchange today with one of the local wingnuts on the left. Since he thinks I'm a wingnut on the right we are just reciprocal. The original topic was the polarization of today's politics. I'm not exactly thrilled with the McCain candidacy, but I'm quite concerned about Obama since I find his connections disturbing whether they are to huge economic contributors as in Fannie and Freddie or with the lunatic fringe be it religious (Wright), political (Ayers), or economic (Rezko) or whatever others there may be.
The problem is that none of these suspicions and concerns have been put to bed in any convincing way, not by the media, not by the candidate. They just hang there in space generating anxiety.
The universal mantra is that there was no association or he just lived in the neighborhood, or some other form of minimization. This kind of denial might fly if there were not so many things to deny and so little evidence of accomplishment that the attendent concerns take on a great weight because they cannot be counterbalanced with achievements. When it comes to the teeter-totter Obama simply has an awful lot of baggage for someone with such little experience. So on-balance I'll take the old-guy with white hair. At least I know he is an authentic American hero and patriot and besides I like moose-burgers.

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