Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pork and the oinkers

The trough is full now and you're the poorer for it. Welcome to the United States of Failed Policies and Irresponsible Spenders. Soon enough you won't have anything and everyone can sink into oblivion. Wealth is earned not legislated. So where is this $700B bailout going to come from? Government printing presses will roll it out and pretty soon those hamburgers will cost $25 a pop. Retired? Your hardearned IRA money is soon going to be worth a lot less. But the oinkers in Washington will declare victory and vote themselves big raises. Freedom isn't free and neither is free enterprise. But socialism is on the way and we can all slop in the trough forever, except it will be empty.


Anonymous said...

Let's try to clean up the mess after November 9th. If McCain wins, perhaps we can salvage something out of the situation.

If Obama wins, it'll be Marxism for America anyway, bail out or no bail out.

Ray Schneider said...

An Obama presidency with a Democratic Congress will likely be a runaway orgy of far left "solutions" from which we may not be able to recover.